What is an Android TV Box?

Android Box: A Basic Introduction

A tiny media center in the form of an Android TV Box has already generated buzz in the digital landscape. This device, when connected to a TV, enables its user to not merely play TV shows and movies, but also enables them to play games along with that. So basically, it is a TV box competent of acting as a gaming console, as well, besides being a platform meant to perform an online search.

Android Box: Usage

A resourceful Operating System, Android was developed by Google. Empowered by ARM-based processors, it was initially meant for mobile phones. No doubt, developing countries like India have begun attracting the attention of top global brands, including technology brands. Considering that the Android Operating System is free and is an open-source platform, it bears an extremely competitive price.

The reasons for the continual surge in the popularity of Android TV Box are certainly not restricted to one element platform. There is a range of features that makes this device purely entitled to enjoy the label of a ‘genius multi-tasker Box for android TV’. Be it web-surfing or  video-streaming right to your TV, it is meant to harness a comprehensive range of digital interactivity by being a dynamic medium between groundbreaking technology and TV. Moreover, using Box for android TV is a child’s play. It just requires minimal resources involving TV and Internet connection either in the form of WiFi connection or Ethernet. Once connected with the TV via the internet, the user can install desired apps.

Android Box: Prime Benefits

For those who are eager to explore something more ultra-functional, beyond their Smartphones, Android TV Box is indeed a technologically superior smart answer. In the wake of the growing influence of the varied digital streaming platforms like Netflix, Hot-star, Amazon Prime and the list is surely going to get bigger with time, viewers are compelled to look for a better substitute in terms of varied features. They include screen size, audio, clarity and many more elements. No matter how dynamic a Smartphone is, it cannot compete with a TV in a range of aspects. In simple words, its versatility is one prime element that has contributed to the upward swing of its influence. It can perform almost every single function that is being performed by a standard computer.

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