Question – Can Android Box be connected to Old Colour TV Or CRT TV?

Ans – Yes android TV Box can be connected to all kind of Old Colour TVs and CRT TVs. It can only be connected via a convertor. As TV Boxes use HDMI Port to connect.

  •   HDMI to AV converter. Most of the TV box uses HDMI you need the AV converter to connect to your old TV.

Question – Does it have a play store?

Ans – Yes, all the android TV Boxes have a play store. Since they are running on goggle platform, they have to have a play store. You can easily download all the apps from play store directly after logging into Google.

Question – Can Live TV / JIO Tv be watched on android TV Box?

Ans – Yes, Live TV can be easily watched on android Box. There are numerous Live tv Apps available. Namely – THOP TV, Oreo TV. These apps are preinstalled on the boxes. So live tv Can be easily watched through them.

Question – How much in android TV Box?

Ans – Android TV Box starts from as low as Rs 999. But to have a decent box that don’t hangs up or give problem, we recommend to go for any android Box that have 2GB Ram And 16 GB Storage minimum. Cheap Android TV Boxes don’t run for long.

Question – How to install an APK file on Android TV Box?

Ans – All the APK files can be installed on android TV if they are available online. Just follow the steps given below.

  1. Download any APK to PC or Laptop.
  2. Transfer the same APK to a pen drive/SSD card/ Hard Drive.
  3. Connect the same pen drive/SSD card/ Hard Drive to android TV Box via USB Port.
  4. Open file browser/ File manager in android Box.
  5. Download the same APK to your TV Box. And Start using it.

Question – Does it support Miracast / Air Play / Screen Mirroring?

Ans – Yes, All android TV Boxes support Miracast / Air Play / Screen Mirroring. Any Mobile or tablet can be cast on to the TV with the help of this.

  • Some mobile handset doesn’t allow screen sharing. In that case screen can mot be mirrored on tv Box.

Question – Do I need any Cable network or subscription to watch Android TV Box?

Ans – No, Android TV Box is absolutely free. Simply connect to internet and start enjoying the content.

Question – Can mobile hotspot be used to connect android TV Box?

Ans – Yes, Android TV Box can easily be connected to hotspot from mobile phone and can be used effortlessly. Simply connect and enjoy.

Question – Can a normal TV be converted into a smart TV with an android TV Box?

Ans – Yes, Android TV converts your normal tv to a smart TV instantly.

Question – Does android TV Box comes with warranty?

Ans – YES, All the android TV Boxes purchased from us comes with 1-year replacement warranty. So, in any case if your TV Box is not working, we will replace the same with a new one.

Question – Can video streaming Apps be downloaded on android TV Box?

Ans – YES, All the video streaming apps can be downloaded on android TV Box. Such as – Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Zee5, Sun TV, Sony Live, VOOT, Etc.

Question – Can keyboard, Mouse, external Camera and Speakers be connected?

Ans- YES, all external devices can be connected to an Android TV Box.

  • Mouse can be connected to browse on Android TV Box.
  • Keyboard can be connected to type anything in any app on android TV Box.
  • External Cameras can be connected for video calls.
  • External Speakers can easily be connected via AV Port on android TV Box.